G3 is helping protect farmers as a top sponsor of CASA’s BeGrainSafe program, preparing firefighters for lifesaving rescues.

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    G3 Renews Support of CASA’s BeGrainSafe Program

    Winnipeg, March 29, 2022 – G3 is pleased to announce it is renewing its support of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s BeGrainSafe program. G3 is committing $45,000 for 2022 and is a Safety Champion, the top level of support.

    G3 has partnered with CASA since 2016 for delivery of BeGrainSafe, which offers education about the risk of grain entrapment and provides rescue training and equipment for first responders.

    In 2022, BeGrainSafe will train firefighters in Central Canada. For the first time, BeGrainSafe training will be offered in French. G3 is funding the translation of the training material for firefighters.

    “Safety is key to everything we do at G3, and that has included providing grain rescue training and equipment to enhance safety in communities across Western Canada,” says G3 President and CEO Don Chapman. “We’re proud to help expand this life-saving program to Ontario and Quebec.”

    G3 funding will also support training and rescue equipment for six fire departments in Central Canada. The rescue equipment consists of a pencil auger and a coffer dam. This equipment and training is vital as it gives firefighters the knowledge and equipment to help save lives in grain entrapment situations.

    “Making BeGrainSafe training available in French allows BeGrainSafe to reach more firefighters across Canada,” says Rob Gobeil, CASA’s Agricultural Health & Safety Specialist. “As a national organization, CASA strives to make all training and resources available in both official languages, and thanks to G3, BeGrainSafe will make significant impacts on French-speaking rural communities.”

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